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Foundation Repair, Crawl Space Repair NC Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair, Crawl Space Repair NC Foundation Repair

 North Carolina is famous for red clay soil, however, many people don’t realize is clay has significant sponge-like qualities and can soak up enormous quantities of water during a rainstorm when nearby rivers and creeks overflow.


When rainfall declines that same clay will lose much of the moisture it has collected, setting up a repeating cycle of water absorption and release that causes soil to expand and contract, changing its volume and density and compromising its capacity to support heavy structures and their foundations.

The heaving and shrinking of the soil as it absorbs and loses water will cause a foundation crack, down, and sideways, and foundation cracks can occur, Crumbling Concrete and degenerating to the point where foundation repairs are necessary to prevent the problem from getting any worse.

Other sources of trouble include unchecked water flow above or below ground that causes soil erosion around a foundation base and undiagnosed plumbing problems (leaking pipes) beneath concrete slabs that can cause foundations to gradually sink into the earth.

Expanding tree roots are yet another potential source of foundation upheaval. As the roots work their way under your home or business they can apply tremendous upward pressure on vulnerable foundations, causing unwanted movement that may go completely undetected—until it is too late.

These are some of the risks that North Carolina homeowners and business owners face. These unseen threats to the health of their foundations can cause a boatload of trouble if they are not diagnosed and repaired by reliable foundation repair contractors

With their extensive training and vast field experience, Structural Pros Foundation and Crawl Space technicians can spot these and other kinds of trouble on their very first visit to your property, and since we offer a free foundation inspection and Free Crawl Space Inspection you won’t have to spend a dime until repairs actually begin.

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